35. KBGEN0003 - "ANS1361E Session rejected: The specified node name is currently locked"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the error message "ANS1361E Session rejected: The specified node name is currently locked" when you try to run TSM.
Symptom When trying to run TSM, the error message "ANS1361E Session rejected: The specified node name is currently locked" is returned.
Cause 1 Possible Cause - You exceed the daily quota of 150GB (desktop/laptop clients), 300GB (server clients) or 400GB (large server clients) in one day, and so your account was automatically locked. The registered contact email address will have been sent an automatic message to inform you of this action, asking that the reasons for such a large data send be investigated. This email is explained further in our section on HFS backup cancellation reports. Common reasons for such a large data send are as follows.
  1. An extra drive, such as an external or shared network drive, has been mounted and erroneously included in the backup. It will need to be excluded explicitly if you do not want its data uploaded to the HFS; see further how to exclude drives and partitions from backup, including removable drives.
  2. A partition, large data folder or some large files has/have been renamed; or permissions/access control lists have been changed. In either case, TSM will see files/folders that have been changed or moved in this way as new data, and will send them to the HFS again.
  3. This is an initial backup, and so it is sufficiently large to exceed the prescribed limits. If this is a newly registered machine then it will be automatically unlocked the next day - see further Backup & Restore - The initial backup.
Resolution 1 Except in the cases of initial backups, we ask you to review the Acceptable Use Guidelines and contact us at hfs@ox.ac.uk detailing the cause of the large data send. If you are unsure of the cause, please send us your TSM log and configuration files, making sure to include dsmsched.log.
Cause 2 Possible Cause - The TSM account was moved to daily backup. If you have requested to move the backups of a machine from a scheduled weekly backup to a scheduled daily backup, then the old weekly backup account will have been locked.
Resolution 2 You will need to reconfigure your TSM client to connect to the correct TSM server. This is detailed in our page on changing from weekly to daily backups.
Cause 3 Possible Cause - The TSM account was de-registered. If the owner of the machine has requested that the node be removed from the HFS backup service, then the account will have been locked pending deletion. If you have deregistered an account and are trying to use a new nodename on your machine, then it is likely that TSM is trying to use the old, deregistered nodename: on this see 38. KBGEN0006 - During installation, TSM does not prompt for a nodename or password; when run, it tries to use an incorrect nodename..
Resolution 3 Please contact us at hfs@ox.ac.uk if you want this machine to remain registered for the backup service.
Cause 4 Possible Cause - The TSM account was manually locked by the HFS Team. In this case you should have already received an email explaining why this was done.
Resolution 4 Please contact us at hfs@ox.ac.uk to determine the reason for this.
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