16. KBWIN0016 - Windows GUI client does not display mapped network drives for backup or archive

Summary In some situations, the TSM GUI client does not display mapped drives for either backup or archive, despite hte command line client backing them up fine. This is to do with the way the drives have been mapped. Note that the TSM scheduler and command line client are not affected.
Symptom When attempting to back up or archive files from a mapped network drive via the TSM GUI, the TSM GUI does not display the mapped drives under "Network". The command line client backs up the mapped drives as expected.
Cause This is due to the way the drives have been mapped. The drives need to be mapped as the Administrator.
Resolution To access the mapped drives, run the Windows command prompt as administrator (right-click on the command prompt shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator"). Then issue the command net use [drive letter:] \\servername\sharename. The TSM GUI should now be able to see the mapped drive. This solution does not persist across reboots and so must be run before each manual GUI backup.
More Information TSM GUI, Windows
Applies To Windows 7, 8, 2008, 2008R2, 2012

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