7. KBWIN0007 - "File Not Found" when attempting to restore data

Summary This article will guide you resolving a "File not found" warning message when attempting to perform a restore
Symptom After selecting which files/folders to restore and clicking Restore, the task list appears and states "Preparing". After a period of time an warning message states "File not found". Clicking OK takes you back to the restore screen.
Cause Possible Cause - A possible cause is that you are attempting a restoring from an old machine to a new machine and have left the Original location option set instead of selecting an alternative location - this is required as when using the original location the system uses the UNC path of the original files, e.g. \\oldnodename\c$\etc. Alternatively, perhaps your machine has been renamed between backup and restore: in this case too, the UNC paths would not match.
Resolution Please follow the instructions restoring data to a new machine..
Status You must select Following location when restoring data to a different machine, and then select a place to restore data to.
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Applies To TSM, Windows, Restoring

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