8. KBWIN0008 - Message "File Already Exists" followed by "File is Read Only - Force Overwrite" which just repeats when attempting to restore data

Summary This article will guide you resolving a "File Already Exists" followed by repeated (if you select the overwrite option) "File is Read Only - Force Overwrite" messages when attempting to perform a restore
Symptom After selecting which files/folders to restore and clicking Restore, the task list appears and states "Transferring". A message may appear stating a "File Already Exists", if you select Overwrite you see a message that states "File is Read-Only - Force Overwrite", clicking the Overwrite just repeats the second message.
Cause Possible Cause - A possible cause of this issue is that you are attempting a restoring files to a location that you do not have write access to.
Resolution Please follow the instructions at this link and select an Alternative Location to which you do have Write Access to.
Status You must select have write access to the folder to which you are restoring data to
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Applies To TSM, Windows, Restoring

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