3. KBWIN0003 - "Run-time error '53': File not found"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving a failed installation of the TSM Client software
Symptom Error message "Run-time error '53': File not found" occurs when attempting to install the TSM Client from a failed client installation and the user is attempting to manually run the installation from the downloaded TSM.EXE client
Cause When the installation is first run, two files are accessed and then deleted by the installation routine, this means that if for any reason the installation does not complete then the installation is missing two files. This is by design through the installation routine created by the HFS Team.
Resolution Download the installation packages from the clients page of the HFS website and re-run the installation
Status This is by design of the current installation package - this is being review for future installation packages
More Information Windows
Applies To TSM, HFS, Windows

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