The following tables show which Linux file systems are supported by TSM. Please note that this information is only true for TSM 5.5 or higher - fewer file systems are supported on earlier versions. For example, TSM 5.3 for Linux does not support JFS, VxFS and NSS. For full support, please upgrade to the latest version of TSM for Linux. EXT4 file systems can only be backed up from TSM onwards.

File SystemACL Support
XFS yes
EXT2 yes
EXT3 yes
EXT4 yes
ReiserFS no
GPFS yes
JFS no
VxFS no
NSS yes

Note: if you use a file system that is not in the above lists, you can still back up your data: basic compatibility support is afforded by the VirtualMountPoint option. For example, in the case of a file system called /media/hda1 whose file system is not supported by TSM, add the following line to dsm.sys:

VirtualMountPoint /media/hda1

This is all that you need to do if your Domain line in dsm.opt is set to All-Local. If not, you also need to add the above file system to your domain list. So, if you were previously only backing up root with the line

Domain /

then you need to add as well the line

Domain /media/hda1