1. Progress Checker

TSM registration complete Not yet registered?
- Checked Linux platform support and prerequisites Not using Linux?
- Downloaded the TSM client installation package
- Successfully installed the TSM software

2. Platform Support

The HFS TSM for Linux pages contain information about, and links to, the latest HFS packages of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client for Linux on Intel x86 and x86_64 platforms.

Up until version 6.2 the TSM client was 32-bit and could be used on x86 and x86_64 platforms. From version 6.3 IBM have made the client 64-bit so it runs on x86_64 platforms only. The 32-bit x86 platform is still supported but you must use the version 6.2 client. The HFS packages make sure you have the appropriate version for your system installed.

The latest HFS packages provide the IBM TSM Client Version 6 Release 4 Level 1.7 (referred to numerically as for 64-bit systems and Version 6 Release 2 Level 5.0 ( for 32-bit systems.

These versions of the client include native support for the following filesystem types: EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, JFS, XFS, NSS, ReiserFS, VxFS, and GPFS.

IBM officially supports (to varying degrees) the TSM Linux client on recent versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, RedHat Desktop, Mandriva, and Ubuntu. However in practice just about any recent Linux distribution (based on the 2.6 or 3 kernel) should be able to run the TSM backup/archive client software and we have successfully tested on a number of others. In certain cases it may not be possible to run the Java GUI client but even then the command line client can usually be installed and run.

3. Prerequisites

The preferred method of installation is using the HFS software repositories. When doing this software prerequisites should be automatically installed. These include:

libstdc++ 5 (for 6.2 client) and 6
X Window System required for the GUI
Java runtime JRE 5 or 6 required for the GUI
acl >2.0.19 required for EXT2/EXT3/XFS ACL support
IBM GSKit libraries supplied with the TSM client software

It is possible to run the command line application without having to have a Java runtime or X Window System installed.

The TSM software installs in /opt/tivoli and /usr/local/ibm. It must be possible to create these directories (if they don't exist) and write into them.

You will also need a standard 100Mb/s (or faster) network connection to the University network or a connection to the Oxford eduroam wireless network (please see page on backing up over wireless for more details), or a VPN connection.

4. Downloading the TSM Client

Once you have verified that you TSM for Linux can be installed on your system, please proceed to our page on downloading and installing the TSM client for Linux.