IT Services

Stopping the TSM Scheduler on the Mac

  1. Run [Applications] > [Tivoli Storage Manager].

    Figure /hfs/help/images/schedulermac/tools-folder.png [="folder screen"]

  2. Run [TSM Tools for Administrators].

    Figure /hfs/help/images/schedulermac/tools-menu.png [="tsm tools list"]

  3. Select [Stop the Scheduler] and click OK.

  4. You will be asked for your local administrator password.

    Figure /hfs/help/images/schedulermac/tools-admin-password.png [="authenticate startup"]

  5. You should then see a confirmatory message reporting that the TSM scheduler has stopped:

    Figure /hfs/help/images/schedulermac/tools-scheduler-stopped.png [="stop TSM Scheduler confirmation message"]

  6. Click OK. You can check that you have successfully stopped the TSM scheduler service by using the checking instructions from our page on checking the TSM scheduler on the Mac.