1. General HFS users

If you are not registered as IT support staff and are taking over a machine that was previously backed up for someone else, the HFS Team generally recommend that you register a new account instead of taking over ownership of a previous account.

1.1. Keeping the same account

If you wish to keep the same nodename that the previous account had then please contact help@oucs.ox.ac.uk. If, instead, attempts are made to deregister and then immediately re-register the same nodename then a conflict will occur, because the HFS server will notice that the new nodename is one that is scheduled for deletion.

1.2. Registering a different account

This is the preferred method as the new account will only contain data backed up for the new owner and not contain any data belonging to the previous owner. Please make sure to remove TSM entirely before re-registering and reinstalling TSM - otherwise the old TSM nodename will remain in the TSM configration file and in the TSM scheduler on your machine, and so the old nodename will continue to be used.

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