2. IT support staff

2.1. TSM accounts under ITSS ownership

If you are IT support staff and own TSM nodes whose users have changed, you can change e-mail contacts for the accounts in the contacts section of the TSM Registration Page. Please note, though, that this method would mean that a new user could access, via restores, a former user's data.

2.2. TSM accounts whose owner(s) has/have left

IT support staff may set a new owner for desktop nodes in their college/department if the former owner has left. Go to ITSS Unit-Level Information and select your unit from the list. Then select 'TSM Clients - no owner' with the output format left as 'HTML Table' and click Submit. From the 'Options' column on the resulting page you can then choose 'Set new owner'. As in the case of the previous section, please note that this method would mean that a new user could access, via restores, a former user's data.

2.3. TSM accounts whose owner(s) are current

If you wish to change the contact or owner of an account but that person is still a university member (e.g. because they have moved to another department/college), then please contact IT Services Registration via the Help Centre. If you do not own the node concerned, then you need to get the old account de-registered, and register a new one. Note also that this method will prevent the new user from having access, via restores, to the old user's data. If you wish to keep the same nodename as the old account had, please contact us first: if attempts are made to deregister and then immediately re-register the same nodename then a conflict will occur, because the HFS server will notice that the new nodename is one that is scheduled for deletion. We will then set aside the old account by renaming it, and you will be able to register a new account with the same name as the old one; then we (or you) can de-register the old account.

2.4. Registering nodes for another user

IT support staff can register a node on behalf of another user in one of two ways:

With you as the owner, but someone else as the contact - Go to the IT Services Self-Registration Page page: under [Contact Address] select [Other] and specify the individual's address.

With another user as both the owner and contact - Go to the TSM Client Registration for IT Support Staff section of the IT Services Self-Registration pages. In order to complete this form you will need the user's university barcode and contact details.

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