1. Introduction

You may wish at some stage to change the name of your TSM account(s), or it may be that your machine has changed name. Unless the machine in question is a server it is generally not recommended to change your TSM nodename to match your machine, as the process can be complicated.

In particular, please note that in the case of Windows machines, a new machine name means that we will need to rename our copy of your backup store to match. If this is not done then your machine will resend all its data. This happens because TSM for Windows holds data under the UNC path - i.e. the machine name. We would therefore need to rename our copy of your C: drive from \\old-machine\c$ to \\new-machine\c$.

2. I wish to change my TSM nodename as I have a new computer

If you have acquired a new machine, you may wish to transfer an existing old HFS account/nodename to the new machine. If you are the registered contact for both the existing machine in question and the person responsible for backups of the new machine, then please contact hfs@ox.ac.uk with the names of both machines. Please be aware that in order to perform a rename, it is usual to delete the backups held under the old account. Exceptions to this may be made where, for example, data first needs to be transferred from the old machine to the new machine, or where the new machine has cloned the data from the old machine. In such cases the existing HFS account and backup filestore may be renamed together.

3. My computer is not new, but it has moved and/or changed names

If your machine has moved within your department/college, or if it has not moved but has a new name, then you may wish the machine name registered for the HFS to reflect the new network name for your machine. This case is a pure HFS account rename. Please contact hfs@ox.ac.uk with the names of the machines in question.

If your machine has moved to another network then please see the next section, My computer has moved to a different network.

4. My computer has moved to a different network

If your workstation undergoes a name change from, for example, XYZ.OLD-DEPT to XYZ.NEW-DEPT, then please e-mail us at hfs@ox.ac.uk to let us know, and we can rename your account.

If you have only a small amount of data then another possibility is for you to re-register the new machine name for an HFS Backup account. You can do this via the IT Services self-registration page. If you do so then we would strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to upgrade your TSM software. Proceed then as if you were backing up a new machine - i.e. back up manually first and only start scheduled backups once you have completed backing up all your local data.

Some important points to note in this process are:
  • Your new department may have a different day for its scheduled weekly backup.
  • If your e-mail address is also going to change, please e-mail us to let us know so that we can keep your contact details up-to-date.
  • You must let us know that you have re-registered your machine via hfs@ox.ac.uk . This will allow us to hold the backup data attached to your old account for an agreed time, in case you need to recover any of it (see next item).
  • If you need to restore data from your old account, please review the section 'Restoring your data to another machine' in the relevant interface section of Using your TSM Client to Backup & Restore .