1. Find out when your scheduled backup is due to run

Each college and department is allocated one night a week on which all its backup accounts have their schedule slots. All TSM accounts are given a 15-minute window on that night in which to run their weekly backup. In order to find out your college/department's backup schedule window, and your specific backup schedule time within that, do the following.

Please note, however, that our servers only work out your exact scheduled slot the night after you have registered your machine for backup, so please wait till the day after registering before checking. (If you happen to register on the day that your first scheduled backup is set to occur, therefore, your timeslot may be different from the next week onwards.)

  1. Go to the Self-Registration Page.
  2. Select the node you wish to view the schedule for and select View client information.
  3. The backup schedule will be among the information listed on screen. This will show you which day your backups are due to run, e.g.
    Backup schedule: Wednesday
  4. All overnight backups run between 18:00 and 06:00. So in the above example, your machine might need to be left on on Wednesday night (for a backup between 18:00 and 23:59 Wednesday night) or on Tuesday night (for a backup between 00:00 and 06:00 Wednesday morning). To find out your node's specific backup time, click on the button marked View scheduled backups: you will then see a list of your recent and future backups, which will give the Scheduled Start time of your node's backups.

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