4. Configuration

We have tried to choose reasonable defaults in the configuration file (C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\dsm.opt). However, there are some configuration options that you may want to adjust to suit your setup. In particular, these are:


This sets the list of VMs that you want to back up. If the proxy machine is a VM on the vCenter server, you should not back it up via itself so add its name to the -VM part of DOMAIN.VMFULL. To exclude virtual machines vm1, vm2 and vm3 from the backups, give them as the value for -VM, separated by commas:

DOMAIN.VMFULL  all-vm;-VM=vm1,vm2,vm3

Note that if the VM name contains spaces, it should not be surrounded by quotes. There should also be no spaces between VM names and the commas. This applies to all DOMAIN.VMFULL options.

To specify explicitly the VMs to backup, use the VM option. For example to backup vm1, vm2 and vm3, use:

DOMAIN.VMFULL vm=vm1,vm2,vm3

VMs can also be specified by vCenter folder, host, host cluster and datastore. To backup specific folders, use:

DOMAIN.VMFULL  vmfolder=folder1,folder2,folder3

To backup specific ESX/ESXi hosts, use:

DOMAIN.VMFULL  vmhost=host1,host2,host3

To backup specific host clusters, use:

DOMAIN.VMFULL  vmhostcluster=cluster1,cluster2,cluster3

To backup specific datastores, use:

DOMAIN.VMFULL  vmdatastore=datastore1,datastore2,datastore3


Maximum number of VM backups to perform in parallel per instance of the TSM client.


Maximum number of VM backups to perform in parallel per ESX or ESXi host.


Maximum number of VM backups to perform in parallel per datastore.

The limit options can be used to ensure that parallel VM backups do not put too much load on any one part of your infrastructure. If you have one ESX/ESXi host and one datastore then all the limits on parallel backups should be equal.

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