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Checking the TSM Scheduler for Windows

In order for TSM to perform an automatic scheduled backup, the TSM scheduler must be running on the client machine during the allotted scheduled window. By default, the TSM Scheduler is installed and set to run during the installation of the TSM software. However, it may not be working as required for a number of reasons listed below. This page will help you check the status of the Scheduler service and to troubleshoot some common causes for failure.

If your scheduled backups have worked in the past, then the latter two reasons are unlikely.

To view the status of your TSM scheduler, do as follows:

  1. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select [Manage].
  2. Expand the option "Services and Applications".
  3. Click on Services to display the list of installed Windows services.
  4. Browse the list of services for any services beginning with TSM (they are listed in alphabetical order).
  5. Depending on the services which you find, please take the correct action, as listed below. What you need to do depends on the version of TSM that you are running.

You should now have performed enough troubleshooting to ensure that you know why the scheduled backup was missed and hopefully put corrective measures in place to ensure subsequent scheduled backups are successful. If you have been unable to determine the likely cause of why the backups are being missed then please follow these steps for Logging calls with the HFS Team with the appropriate amount of data.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you run a manual backup.

To find out when your next scheduled backup is, please see the FAQ item When is my scheduled backup due to run?.