VPN access to HFS systemsThe HFS desktop/laptop backup service may now be used over a VPN connection. Consequently we are no longer accepting registrations for the VPN-only service although it will remain available for its current users.
Updated TSM client for Mac

A new version ( of the TSM client for Mac is now available from the HFS download page:


This version is supported on OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks). Note that this is the first version that is officially supported on OS X 10.9, so we strongly recommend that users of OS X 10.9 upgrade to this new client version.

New TSM Client for Win 2003 Server

A new version of the IT Services TSM client for Win 2003 Server (both 32- and 64-bit) is now available and contains some important fixes including a bug which may cause the scheduled backup service to stop working. The latest package upgrades the TSM client software to version We recommend that client machines running Windows 2003 Server be upgraded to this latest version of TSM at users' earliest convenience.

New TSM Client for Mac Snow Leopard

A new version of the IT Services TSM client for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is now available and contains some important fixes including a bug which may cause the scheduled backup service to stop working. The latest package upgrades the TSM client software to version We recommend that client machines running Snow Leopard be upgraded to this latest version of TSM at user's earliest convenience.

New TSM client for Mac

On 23rd May we released a new version of the IT Services TSM client for OS X 10.7 (Mountain Lion) and 10.8 (Lion), which contains some important fixes. The latest package upgrades the TSM client software to version It features a rewritten configuration script that better handles upgrading more unusual configurations; supports an additional server which we have just brought into service; fixes the problem with Reconfigure Node not functioning as expected; and fixes the issue whereby a Mac may fall asleep during a backup or restore if left unattended.

We recommend that client machines be upgraded to this latest version of TSM.

New TSM clients for Linux

On 10th May we released to the repositories updated TSM client packages for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux clients. We recommend that client machines be upgraded to the latest version.

The 64-bit package upgrades the software to version, which is the latest version available for 64-bit systems. It also features a rewritten configuration script that better handles upgrading more unusual configurations and supports an additional server which we are bringing into service.

Alongside the client update the oucs-hfs-repo package which sets up the HFS repositories is replaced by ox-hfs-repo. Because of this if you are using the command line on Debian based systems you will need to do an apt-get dist-upgrade rather than apt-get upgrade.

The 32-bit package update is a minor update from the version released last month that doesn't update the client version. It simply adds support for the additional server mentioned above.

Server Node Registration RequirementsTo clarify what our terms are for registration of a server backup account, we have compiled a list of server node registration requirements. Please see this page for further information if you own or will be registering TSM nodes for backing up servers.
Survey on Central Backup Use and Provision

The HFS Team is conducting a survey into backup provision and use within the university. We are looking to extend our reach, to improve ease-of-use and to enable more university members to use our service. So we would like to hear about the expectations, needs and demands of all types of university members - staff, researchers and students - about the backup service that they would like to see available.

The survey runs until the end of fifth week, 15th February 2013. When it ends there will be a prize draw, and one participant will win a £50 Amazon voucher!

To complete the survey and be entered into the draw, please go to:


Supported TSM client for Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) now available

A supported TSM client for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) users is now available from our usual Mac download page at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/help/mac/downloadingmac.xml.

Current HFS users running Mountain Lion should upgrade to TSM 6.4 at their earliest convenience; earlier versions of TSM are not supported on Mountain Lion. Users running 10.7 (Lion) may optionally upgrade to this new version too, but this is not necessary as TSM 6.3 is supported on Lion.

Please note that the sleep issue described in our page on Mac sleep settings is not resolved in this new version.

HFS Backup Limits RaisedAs a consequence of moving to new tape libraries this summer, we are now able to raise the daily limit on desktop/laptop backups from 100GB to 150GB. This follows the change made in August to server and large server backups, whose limits were raised to 300GB and 400GB respectively.
Course on TSM backup basics: 11th December 2013This term's TSM backup course will take place on Wednesday 11th December, 9:15-12:15. 'Backing up your data to the HFS: an introduction to TSM' gives a basic introduction to the HFS service. Topics covered include: the different types of backup account; how to install TSM; and how to back up and restore data. To book please see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itlp/courses/detail/TEFK
OUCS TSM backup client available for OSX LionA new OUCS TSM backup client for OSX Lion is now available from the HFS web pages.
HFS pilot study on deduplication and disk-based backupThe HFS team have completed a PICT-funded pilot study on data deduplication and disk-based backup. To read it, please see: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/news/HFSManCap_pilotstudy_report.pdf
Updated TSM client package for LinuxAn updated TSM client package has been released. In most cases you should be offered this with your other system updates. This package updates the client to version and fixes problems with scheduler automatic startup on Debian 6.
TSM client for Windows - vulnerabilities in older versions

IBM have released information regarding some security vulnerabilities in older versions of the TSM client for Windows. If you are running our latest packaged version of the TSM client ( you already have the fixes.

Although we are not aware of any current exploits for these vulnerabilities we recommend upgrading older versions to the latest version which can be obtained from http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/help/downloading.xml

Information on the vulnerabilities is available at https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21457604

New TSM client for Mac OS X

The OUCS packaged TSM client for Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) has been updated to version This brings it up to the same level as the client packages for Windows and Linux.

For installation instructions and a download link see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/help/downloading.xml.

HFS passes the petabyte milestoneThis week the HFS reported holding more than 1PiB of primary copy data online. Thats a one followed by 15 zeros or, perhaps more meaningfully, a million gigabytes. Three copies of all data is held, meaning we now manage over 3PiB. When the service started in 1995, tape media held 10GB per piece. Had tape technology stood still, we would now be managing 300,000 tape volumes rather than the several thousand we do now. So thats progress !
Revised HFS web pagesThe HFS Team has begun releasing a revised, restructured version of our webpages. The main aims of this work are: to bring some of our documentation up to date, to make it easier to navigate and to introduce additional help documentation. Please feel free to let us know if you find any dead links or other errors.
HFS VPN-based backup

The HFS will be offering a backup over VPN pilot service from Monday 2nd August. Further details can be found at:


This service is intended to meet the needs of those who work outside Oxford (off the University Network) for long periods and who still want to ensure that their data is appropriately secured using Oxford-run facilities.

New TSM client for Mac OS XA new OUCS package of the TSM client is now available for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. This upgrades the TSM client to version which provides complete support for OS X Snow Leopard including the new Apple file system compression format (known as HFS+ compression). This is a recommended upgrade for OS X Snow Leopard and Leopard.
HFS feedback form now availableIf you have any comments on existing HFS services, facilities, documentation, or notes on how you feel they could be improved, please fill in the online form at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/feedback.
Daily Backup Limits IncreasedWe have just brought new faster disk systems fully into production. These allow faster movement of the previous day's backups from disk to three tape copies and as a result, we can now increase the daily backup limits from 50GB/day to 100GB/day for desktops, from 100GB to 200GB for servers and to 300GB for large servers.
New TSM Backup Client for Intel and PPC MacThe latest v5.4 TSM Backup Client now supports both Intel- and PPC-based Mac platforms.
HFS Backup Limits RaisedAs a consequence of the various hardware changes we have made through this summer, we are now able to raise the daily limit on backups from 30GB to 50GB for desktop clients and from 50GB to 100GB for server clients.
HFS Departmental/college Server Backups - Service EnhancementsIn early August a new IBM pSeries server (a p570) was installed and has taken over the departmental/college server backups (OX_HFS_B2 and OX_HFS_B6). On 12 September we plan to start a new TSM server (OX_HFS_B4) and all new small/medium servers will automatically be registered to use it. Existing client usage will be unchanged, although we may later move selected clients over for load balancing purposes.
HFS Backup Service - Registration EnhancementsChanges to the registration for backup services are detailed in a paper which has been sent to ITSS for comment. Main addition is that non-DNS registered hosts will be allowed to register. All traffic will be restricted to the Oxford network. Implementation date for enhanced registration is 12 September 2006, with firewall restrictions introduced on the 11th.
HFS Backup/Archive Service - Service EnhancementsIn early May, 12 additional 3592 tape drives were installed into the robotic tape library. More than 8,000 3590 tapes have since been rewritten to 3592s; each 3592 can hold up to 1TB (more than 10 times the capacity of a 3590). The 3590s retired in August, after 10 years excellent service.