3. Why your backups may be old

The messages you receive will only refer to old backups - they will not apply to backups recently created or refreshed.

There may be many reasons why backups have gone a long time without being refreshed. Some of these may include.

  • While a disk or volume or installation package was temporarily mounted on your system, it was backed-up. The disk/volume/package was subsequently unmounted and the backups have not been refreshed since, probably, because they were not wanted in the first place.
  • The disk has been repartitioned.
  • On Unix-like systems the mount points have been renamed.
  • On Windows platforms, the computer name has changed.
  • The TSM nodename - the backup account - has been moved from one machine to another.

When you backup your machine using TSM, it can only refresh the backups of drives/partitions/filesystems that currently exist on your machine. Old drives/partitions/filesystems - perhaps stemming from any of the above reasons listed - cannot be refreshed and thus become inactive. As a user, you cannot delete these backups. Where you have identified backups of old drives or partitions that you wish to remove, please contact us at hfs@ox.ac.uk with the details. When we identify old backups, we contact you, asking you to either refresh them, if they are currently active partitions, or asking you to let us delete them where they are of a partition no longer on your machine.

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