1. Installing the TSM scheduler

This document describes setting and running TSM Scheduled Backups using version 5.4 or later of the TSM Client for Mac OS X. If you are running a level of the TSM client below this version on OSX you should upgrade to the latest client before returning to this document. The latest TSM client for OSX is available on the supported clients page.

In order for the TSM client to perform a scheduled backup, the TSM Scheduler must be running on the client machine during the allotted scheduled window. As all scheduled windows at OUCS occur overnight, between 18:00 and 06:00, this means that the client machine must be running the TSM scheduler and the machine left switched on overnight (though not necessarily logged in) on the night(s) of the schedule window. OSX users should not therefore put their machine into Sleep Mode on the night(s) of their Scheduled backup(s).

A pre-requisite to running automatic backups is that you must have successfully logged into the TSM Server at least and run a manual backup. Instructions for doing that can be found at Initial Backup using the OSX TSM client.

To set up automatic scheduled backups, open the 'Tivoli Storage Manager' folder under Applications.

="folder screen

Start the TSM Tools for Administrators program and from the list below:

="tsm tools list

select the 'Start the Client Acceptor Daemon' option and the OK button. A message will display:

="cad message window

Click OK and you will be prompted for a local administrator ID and password:

="authenticate cad startup

Once authenticated you should see a confirmatory message that the CAD Scheduler has started:

="cad started message

The CAD and TSM scheduler write to the following log files in /Library/Logs/tivoli/tsm/.

  • dsmwebcl.log - the logfile of the CAD output.
  • dsmsched.log - the log of the all scheduled backups. This file lists the details of each file processed in the most recent scheduled backups, the summary results of the most recent scheduled backups and the time of the next scheduled backup.
  • dsmerror.log - lists any errors encountered in any manual or scheduled backup.

You can check that the CAD is managing the scheduler by examining the latest entry in the dsmwebcl.log file. It should look similar to below.

Note that there is a Schedule Name - usually of the form WEEKLY_ or WEEKDAILY_ followed by a shortened department or college name. Similarly, the latest entries of the dsmsched.log will look similar to below.

Note that the last line 'Scheduler has been stopped' is normal and refers to the TSM scheduler being managed (stopped and started) by the CAD.

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