1. Introduction

In order for the TSM client to perform an automatic scheduled backup, the TSM Scheduler must be running on the client machine during the allotted scheduled window. As all scheduled windows at OUCS occur overnight, between 18:00 and 06:00, this means that the client machine must be running the TSM scheduler and the machine left switched on overnight on the night(s) of the schedule window.

The above is most easily achieved by running the TSM Scheduler as a service managed by a 'Client Acceptor Daemon' (CAD) service and this is normally installed automatically with the OUCS TSM client software for Windows.

Running the TSM Scheduler process causes output to be written to several log files. These, by default, are located in the TSM installation folder which itself, by default, is C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\.

The exception to the default installation of the TSM CAD and Scheduler services is when there has been an error in the client software installation process or where a new client machine has a large amount of data to initially backup. In this latter case, clients are advised to stage the initial backup manually and only set up the Scheduled backups on completion of the manual backup. The following section details the steps to set up the Scheduled Backup services.

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