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On August 1st, 2012, OUCS merged with the other central IT departments to become IT Services which provides high-quality cost-effective services, support, and training to Oxford University staff and students, enabling excellence, innovation and best practice in teaching, learning and research. Read more

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Beginners IT - An introduction to the world of computing
Digital media: An in-depth introduction to creating video


Password expiry
We know you know it's important to keep the password for your Oxford username safe. But have you stopped to consider why? In a world where we increasingly conduct our lives online our digital identity is precious and this is as true in Oxford as anywhere else. Your digital identity in Oxford is managed by Registration Services in IT Services and we take lots of steps to maintain the overall security of your digital identity. One of those steps is to set a password expiry that means you must change your password at least once a year. You may argue that you don't have to do this for other online services but we believe that setting a password expiry brings benefits that improve security for you and everyone in Oxford.

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MATLAB License
The University has signed a Mathworks Campus agreement giving a site license for MATLAB and a suite of 50 associated toolboxes. The license will become available next week and will allow access for all staff and students for any research and teaching with unlimited users and on any computers including home use on personal computers. Further information can be found at
Integrated Communications Project

The website for the Integrated Communications Project (ICP) is now available. This project impact everyone in the University - stay informed with the information on the website and the regularly updated blog.

ICP will diversify and enhance communication options across the collegiate University, allowing for online presence notification, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, collaboration and screen sharing services. You can choose to make and receive calls on University telephones, desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones, telling the system where you are to transfer calls to your chosen device.