Examples of Web Design

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive homepage

We designed the interface of this site, which was highly commended at the Times Higher Educational Awards 2008 in the category “Outstanding ICT Initiative”.


Oxford Spin-out Equity Management

The OSEM homepage

Building on initial ideas by OSEM, we developed this completely new website and helped to arrange hosting.


University of Oxford Museums and Collections

University of Oxford Museums and Collections homepage

We completely redesigned the website of the University of Oxford Museums and Collections. This new design showcases more fully the range of activities and programmes across all the University’s museums and collections.


OxService Header Design

OxService Header Design

We designed a common visual identity to be used in the header of University-wide web services hosted by OUCS.

The design used photographs by KT Lindsay Photography.


Examples of Data Solutions


InfoDev provides the University's OxPoints service. OxPoints aims to provide full and accurate geolinking information for aspects of the University of Oxford. The OxPoints dataset consists of names, postal addresses, web addresses and co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) for all the departments, colleges and other buildings or units of the University, and much more, along with some of the relationships between them. OUCS has recently released its OxPoints dataset under the Creative Commons Zero license. This allows others to use and remix the data for any purpose with absolutely no restrictions. We hope that this will encourage greater reuse and integration both within the University and beyond. InfoDev is also working with other parts of the University to ease the publication of linked open data.


OxGarage Document Conversion Service

As part of an EU project they were involved with OUCS's InfoDev team were partly responsible for the creation of a web-based document format conversion service called 'OxGarage'. This allows you to convert Presentations, Spreadsheets, or Documents to and from a wide variety of formats through an easy-to-use web interface. For example, OxGarage can provide easy transformations from a Microsoft Word Document to TEI XML or a PDF Those with more technical leanings might be interested in knowing that it also has a RESTful web service API which allows scripting batch transformations or embedding in other services.


Lexicon of Greek Personal Names

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names was established in 1972 as a Major Research Project of the British Academy. The overall objective of the LGPN project is to create a comprehensive and authoritative record of the names of all individuals attested in Greek (or with Greek names attested in Latin) in the ancient Greek-speaking world, and so provide the classical research community world-wide with a unique and fundamental resource for the study of all aspects of the ancient Greek world.

LGPN is internationally recognised as a resource which has transformed the basis on which names may be studied and used. It has done so to date primarily through its publications; so far, over a quarter of a million individuals sharing over 35,000 names have been published in six regional volumes.

OUCS has been assisting the LGPN with its database, typesetting and (most recently) web presence since the early 1980s, and the project has successfully weathered 30 years of changes in humanities computing. InfoDev provides support and maintenance for the data development of the LGPN.

William Godwin's Diary

William Godwin's Diary

The William Godwin's Diary project has transcribed, edited, and annotated 48 years of William Godwin's diary from 1788-1836. The diary is a resource of immense importance to researchers of history, politics, literature, and women’s studies. It maps the radical intellectual and political life of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, as well as providing extensive evidence on publishing relations, conversational coteries, artistic circles and theatrical production over the same period.

InfoDev team (http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/infodev/) provides research advice and support. It was involved in planning the funding bid for the project and helped them specify the technical components of the bid and assisted in specifying technical solutions that were both appropriate and feasible.

The InfoDev team provided a couple days training to the project both in a subset of the TEI Guidelines customised for the project's specific needs, as well as a version control system for collaborative editing.

Throughout the life of the project the InfoDev team was on hand to provide technical advice and support. The InfoDev team implemented the website based on the needs and directions of the project. This involved the installation and customisation of the eXist native XML database that powers the site, the construction of a wide range of queries to extract data, building a zooming image browser, creation of analytical tools, and implementation of the website itself.

ITLP Course Booking and Administration

ITLP Course Booking and Administration

InfoDev develops and maintains the course book and administration system for OUCS's IT Learning Programme.

Hardware Breakdown Service

Hardware Breakdown Service Administration

In order to help track what machines are registered on the University's Computer Hardware Breakdown Service, InfoDev develops and maintains the administration interface for this service.


OpenMeters project

The OpenMeters project is a collaboration with the Estates Department to publish energy consumption information as linked data to aid awareness of the University's environmental sustainability responsibilities. This project retrieves electricity meter data and stores it in a database for easy visualization over time and comparison with earlier time periods.