1. Introduction

The five year strategic plan is split into two main parts. The first (section 2) considers ‘Strategic Computing’, computing issues which are defined by, and help to define, the way the University operates. The second (section 3) addresses OUCS's role within the University. Naturally, some entries have components which belong in both parts, and since IT within the University is constantly evolving, this vision will undergo regular updates.

OUCS has long been in the vanguard of a move towards clarity and responsibility in monitoring and reporting on the costs of its services. The preparation and presentation of accounts is an important part of its accountability to the University. OUCS accounts are managed on an activity basis, and all costs, including staff costs, are allocated to appropriate headings. This enables presentations to be made to both ICTC and PRAC, which show the true cost to the University of all centrally-funded OUCS activities, ensures that cost-recovery activities are properly accounted for, that there is no element of cross-subsidy between the divisions, and enables priorities to be set.

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