10. Meeting Strategic Objectives V: Enterprise and Collaboration

OUCS’s main objective here is to further build up its links with national funding agencies such as HEFCE and JISC. In turn it will seek to inform faculties, departments, and colleges about new funding opportunities; as well as bidding for external grants to cover some of its own new initiatives. OUCS will also liaise with local bodies to identify opportunities to provide appropriate (and funded) IT training and certification where possible. Within this area it is worth mentioning the developments concerning the University alumni. OUCS has become closely involved with and committed to providing technical assistance for the University Society's requirements for supporting services to the alumni. We are now about to enter a major shift in scale, by planning developments to bring in all the old alumni (c.120,000) about which the development office have information some time later this year (possibly September/October). The developments required are well understood and

planning is in hand.

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