18. Summary of Objectives

The objectives outlined above directly target the key areas of the University’s Corporate Plan. Below is a tabular summary of these:

Objective Corporate Plan Section Date (Unless otherwise stated this is an ongoing activity.) Estimated Cost (Unless otherwise stated this will be absorbed within OUCS’s current budget, or costs cannot be fully assessed yet.)
Develop, bring in, and support systems to facilitate the administrative processes behind teaching and research VId
Develop and support communication tools that facilitate speedy dissemination of information to people on demand — notably single sign-on, open standards, and a portal VI
Act in a customer-driven way developing its services to the needs of the academics and students within the University VIc
Assist in the development of the Enhanced Computing Environment by offering appropriate support to the new ICT Team X
Monitor and assist in the development of the University’s ICT Strategy X
Research I, VId, Ib, Id, and Ig
Develop infrastructure and tools for the next generation of collaborative research environments (VREs)
Develop and launch an online Research Discovery Service MT06 £15k pa
Investigate and report on new authorisation services Sept 06
Monitor and advise on open source developments
Make available resources and services via the UK National Grid Service
Proactively support the establishment of an institutional research repository
Promote OUCS (and other) services for assisting in the development of funding proposals for e-research
Co-ordinate, on behalf of OUCS, a range of awareness-raising and training activities relating to services and technologies to support e-research Oct 06
Provide an opportunity to buy in IT services via our NSMS unit
Teaching and Learning II, IIb, IIc
Launch the Tutorial Reporting System (OxCort) MT07 £15k pa
Develop and promote the use of the VLE WebLearn; secure its funding 2007 £150k pa
Research and implement technology that provides teachers and learners with assessment technologies
Research and implement technology that allows learners to share and express their understanding, e.g. blogs/wikis etc
Explore the potential of reusable learning objects
Develop a Training Needs Analysis tool to point people at appropriate courses 2007
Academic and Student Services I, II, VIc, VId
Create a shared information environment for use of IT Support Staff March 06
Establish and promote a service for creating, publishing and aggregating RSS news items Feb 06
Develop a coherent Information Strategy across the department
Promote TEI XML markup as a preferred archival format for digital texts in the university
Introduce LINUX desktop systems into the help centre Jan 07
Expand (charged) PC hardware repair and maintenance service Aug 06
Upgrade the University’s backbone network 2009 £1m
Review cabling, and update or replace existing cables and ducts 2007 £0.6m
Promote guidelines for the Oxford Wireless service (OWL)
Seek University funding to promote the use of mobile access, via handheld devices and wireless technology 2006 £1.5m, + 150k pa
Investigate and support the introduction of Internet Protocol Version 6
Plan and migrate University telecom systems to Voice over IP (VoIP) 2009 £2-3m
Major upgrade to the Hierarchical File Server (HFS) 06/07 £450k
Introduce second tape library for HFS 2007 £500k
Replace automated tape library for HFS 2009 £300k
Invest in a filestore and repository system 06/07 £800k, + 100k pa
Provide IT Consultancy and Managed Services on a chargeable basis via NSMS
Space VIII
Identify new opportunities to solve the accommodation problem and relieve pressure on the machine room
Fund the series of major capital investment projects outlined in Appendix A
Finance IX
Align OUCS’s spending plans and cycles with the recommendations to emerge from Work Tasks H and I of the ICT Strategy which are focusing on large-scale IT investments
Investigate which services might be costed into research grants as 'directly incurred' rather than remaining within 'indirect' under FEC
Provide advice on writing bids via our RTS unit, and also on the implications of FEC and TRAC and the opportunity to buy-in IT support and development via our NSMS unit

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