3. Review of OUCS five year vision: 2005-2009

At the beginning of 2005 OUCS produced its five-year Vision Statement (see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/internal/5yr/2003-2008.xml). This provided a detailed analysis of the future initiatives and developments within OUCS, listing a series of 88 specific goals and tasks and demonstrating how these took forward the aims and objectives of OUCS. This plan was ratified by ICTC.

Many of the principles outlined in that document are still applicable, notably our views on the local, national, and international context of IT (0.2 and 0.3), and the considerations of the strategic direction of computing at Oxford (section 2).

A review of the Vision Statement is enclosed in Appendix B. In summary this demonstrates how effective OUCS was in achieving many of its stated objectives:
  • 88 specific goals were identified in the original plan.
  • OUCS has completed 28 of these.
  • 26 further goals are in progress, and some of them are near to completion.
  • Of the remaining goals 29 have been identified as continuing activity for OUCS, i.e. part of our core continuing remit.
  • Only 3 goals have been identified as being directly affected and delayed by the emerging Enhanced Computing Environment.
    * Only two goals have been noted as abandoned — one due to it being taken up by the University’s Web Strategies Group, and the other relating to the portal project (see below).

This document is a more concise text but is written assuming the Vision Statement as a background, and readers are asked to refer to that. Specifically here, however, we concentrate on furthering the strategies of the University’s Corporate Plan.

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