17. Risk Analysis

As with all departments and divisions OUCS will prepare and maintain an annual risk register. However, with reference to this plan the risk to the University of not completing or achieving most of the above mainly falls under two categories. First our IT infrastructure will be compromised, especially with relation to business continuity; but also in terms of the facilities we can offer to the staff and students. Oxford would begin to seriously fall behind its competitors in terms of what it can support. Second, picking up on a common theme throughout this plan, unless concerted efforts are made to target interoperability between systems and data, a fragmented IT infrastructure will emerge which will lead to considerable inefficiencies.

However, two further risks are worth noting:

  • unless efforts are made to alleviate the burden on the machine room within OUCS the business continuity for key services may be compromised;
  • the SFWG will need to identify how to fund the long-term support and development of existing services offered by OUCS, and how to accommodate demands for new services.

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