4. University's ICT Strategy and the Enhanced Computing Environment

It should be noted that two major University initiatives are underway which will have profound effects on the future direction of OUCS.

The first is the development of a University ICT Strategic Plan (see http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/strategy/). OUCS has been contributing to this extensively, and will seek to align its objectives to those emerging from the Strategy. The ICT Strategic Plan is currently out for consultation with the wider community until 26 January 2007. Final documentation will be submitted to PRAC at the end of HT 2007. It should be noted therefore that this current OUCS five-year plan has been written on the understanding that it will have to be reconsidered once the University's ICT Strategy is formalised. Where appropriate in this document we have referred to key work tasks of the ICT Strategy Programme.

The second initiative is the Enhanced Computing Environment (ECE, see http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/team/). This is seeking to develop and roll-out an enhanced desktop service to OUCS, OULS, and Central Administration. The ICT Team was formed on the 1st January 2006, and consists of staff drawn from existing units in the three services. It is envisaged that the ECE will, in the future, also be offered to departments and colleges as a paid-for service.

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