Further Analysis of Objectives in OUCS Five-year plan 2006-2011

Establish and promote a service for creating, publishing and aggregating RSS news items across the university, including the description of event data (also applicable to supporting research — I). Target date: Feb 06. Achieved. Date of launch 5th> February 2006. This is the new service OxITEMS which is now being heavily used by departments, divisions, and the main University web site.
Expand (charged) PC hardware repair and maintenance service for commonly used platforms including laptops. Achieved. April 2006. A new chargeable service was set up in 2006 for data recovery and system installation.
Create a shared information environment for use of IT Support Staff by setting up a content management system for common user documentation. In addition we will enhance services available for distributed ITSS by developing a "fast-track" help line and co-ordination of specialist training opportunities, as well as developing secure delegated services aiming to enhance the facilities available to IT support staff across the collegiate university. Achieved. The very popular ITSS wiki system was launched in 2006. The ITSS support team is now back to its full complement of 3 FTE and can answer fast-tracked questions from IT Support Staff more quickly.
Increase the storage and backup for the Herald mail facilities. Target date: 06/07. Estimated cost: £400k. Achieved. First stage completed October 2006, funded from OUCS reserves. Next stage will depend on funding (from PRAC), now part of the ICT Strategy Roadmap.
Major upgrade to the Hierarchical File Server (HFS) is urgently required. This would involve replacing processors, tape media, and tape drives. Target date: 06/07. Estimated cost: £450k. Achieved. August 06. This was funded from OUCS reserves. The next stages of this have been submitted to the ICT Strategy Roadmap.
Develop the Tutorial Reporting System (OxCort) as a pilot service, and then as a full service. Achieved, MT 06. Launch TT 07.
Investigate how Shibboleth and other access management protocols offers solutions to issues of grid authentication, authorisation and security; and in providing integration between institutional and national information environments. We will ensure that the outcomes from the RTS access management projects are considered by and, where appropriate , incorporated into any institutional access management implementation plan. Target date: Sept 2006 (Funded via ESP-Grid, SPIE and ShibGrid projects) Achieved. JISC projects delivered on time and within budget.
Develop and launch an online Research Disc overy Service . Target date: MT 06. Cost: Developed by the ACDT, but maintenance cost c.£15k pa. Achieved. Now handed over to Medical Sciences Division.
Develop and launch the Alumni Email Forwarding Service. Achieved. Service went live in November 2006. Some remaining development needed on the administrative interface.
Research and implement technology that allows learners to share and express their understanding. Specifically this could be through the use of blogs and wikis or through more advanced shared graphical simulation technologies (IIc). Ongoing. A current JISC funded project is looking at games modelling and simulation.
Link the VLE to institutional-wide services wherever possible, such as ISIDORE. Ongoing. There are now regular meetings between the WebLearn team and OSS.
Develop a Training Needs Analysis tool to point people at appropriate courses. Target date: 07. Ongoing. A series of workshops have developed out of an analysis of administrative burdens on academics, as had a special tailored course on the use of Word.
Research and implement technology that provides teachers and learners with assessment technologies that increase the quality and ease by which questions can be authored and subsequent marking performed (IIb). Ongoing. WebLearn will have a peer-marking tool available in 07.
Explain, promote, and support good practice in web site management for the university. Ongoing. Notably in 2006 we assisted the University Offices in their procurement of a CMC system. We have also assisted the PRO and will help them organise a future web managers conference.All objectives for 2006 were successfully achieved.
Promote TEI XML markup as a preferred archival format for digital texts in the university, by providing support, training and tools. Ongoing. OUCS staff have been involved in several local and national workshops, some involving the AHRC. All objectives for 2006 were successfully achieved.
Inform and advise the UK HE and FE community about open source software and open standards through briefing materials, events, advisory service and partnerships (on going). In addition, develop and communicate best practice models for software development, especially in regard to open source software licensing. Ongoing Undertaken through external grants to the OSS-Watch project, hosted by OUCS's Research Technologies Service. All objectives for 2006 were successfully achieved.
Following on from the success of the FroDo project, continue to promote guidelines for the Oxford Wireless service (OWL). Ongoing. FRODO has had good take-up (see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/wireless/services/index.xml?ID=where). OWL VPN, and OWL Visitor are also proving to be very popular.
Review cabling, and update or replace existing cables and ducts. Target date: 07. Estimated Cost: £0.6m. Reviewed. No funding has been allocated to this by the University, although a small budget (£50k over 3 years) is now available via Estates. This is included in the ICT Strategy Roadmap.
The University will need to invest in a filestore and repository system. OUCS has reviewed the possibilities including for example a SAN-based system. Target date: 06/07. Estimated cost: £800k, plus £100k recurrent costs. Reviewed. Listed in the ICT Strategy Roadmap.

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