1. Overview

This document presents the five-year plan for Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS). It takes the approach of directly discussing the objectives raised in the University’s Corporate Plan 2005-6 to 2009-10, indicating targets identified by OUCS to meet these strategic objectives. At present this forms the best overview of the strategic direction of the University, but during the course of 2008 it is recognised that the University’s Strategic Plan will emerge though it is suggested the general objectives listed here would remain the same.

The plan is divided into sections presenting a review of last year’s OUCS five-year plan, and then a section-by-section analysis of the key strategies outlined in the University’s Corporate Plan.

This document by OUCS is reviewed by its internal User Services Team, before presenting to the PRAC ICTC sub-committee (PICT) and the OUCS Management sub-committee (a sub-group of PICT).

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