14. Meeting Strategic Objectives IX: Finance

It is important that as well as facilitating administrative processes identified in the Corporate Plan, sufficient funding is diverted to IT projects and services, and money is made available to allow OUCS to upgrade its existing services, and add new ones as required. The financial burden of adding new IT services and maintaining them must be recognised by the University. Furthermore, procedures must be adopted to streamline any increased revenue arising from the adoption of Full Economic Costing for central services into the infrastructure charge.

All of these issues were discussed at length in meeting with the Divisions following the Services Funding Working Group (SFWG) throughout 07. A final report outlining the conclusions of these meetings will be sent to the Heads of Divisions and escalated up to PRAC.

Specifically therefore, over the next five years OUCS plans to:

  • Disseminate a report on the final recommendations emerging from SFWG exercise. Target date: 08.
  • Enact recommendations of this report, especially processes to review OUCS’s services and set budget. Target date: 08.
  • Align its spending plans and cycles with the recommendations to the ICT Capital envelope.
  • Establish key services as Small Research facilities; target date: 08.
  • Provide advice, via our RTS section, for researchers writing funding proposals for projects with a significant IT element, and promote the opportunities offered by our NSMS unit to purchase IT support and development. Target date: Ongoing.

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