17. Risk Analysis

As with all departments and divisions OUCS will prepare and maintain an annual risk register. However, with reference to this plan the risk to the University of not completing or achieving most of the above mainly falls under two categories. First our IT infrastructure will be compromised, especially with relation to business continuity; but also in terms of the facilities we can offer to the staff and students. Oxford would begin to seriously fall behind its competitors in terms of what it can support. Second, picking up on a common theme throughout this plan, unless the critical funding issues identified by the SFWG meetings are tackled then key services will be put at risk.

Throughout 2006-7 OUCS has also assisted in several reports by the external auditors. These have pointed to three key issues:

  • There is a critical single point of failure with the OUCS machine Room. This then forms part of a request for funding to the ICT Capital envelope for a refurbishment of the OUCS facilities and the establishment of a second facility. Target date: 2009 onwards.
  • Key work needs to be done on enhancing the Network’s resilience. Again this forms part of a bid under the ICT Capital envelope. Target date: 2009.
  • An overarching Continuity Framework needs to be developed by OUCS for its key services. Target date: Trinity Term, 2008.

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