7. Meeting Strategic Objectives II: Learning and Teaching – Programmes and Methods

OUCS seeks to develop ICT services where they supplement existing teaching methods, especially as part of the tutorial system. This is the main approach of another of OUCS’s units – the Learning Technologies Group (http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/). With reference to IIb, the group researches and advises on innovative approaches to teaching using IT. The LTG also runs and develops WebLearn. This will be taken forward by migrating to the SAKAI framework with launch of a new WebLearn planned for 2009. This involves collaborative projects with the Universities of Cambridge, Hull, and Lancaster in the UK; and worldwide ANU, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSB, UNISA, Stockholm etc.

Specifically therefore, over the next five years OUCS plans to:

  • Develop and launch the new production WebLearn service including development of new training materials, and training of staff members by mid 2009;
  • Migrate all data from the Bodington WebLearn service by autumn 2011
  • Deprecate the Bodington WebLearn service by mid 2012
  • Integrate the new VLE service with OUCS-developed Oak Authorisation and Groups Service. Target date: Mid 2009.
  • Develop and pilot PodCast Producer and iTunesU to assist the University in achieving its outreach goals; target December 2008;
  • Research and implement technology that provides teachers and learners with assessment technologies that increase the quality and ease by which questions can be authored and subsequent marking performed (IIb);
  • Promote the effective use of ICT facilities in the classroom by exemplar teaching rooms at OUCS (e.g. the ISIS lecture room);
  • Develop our IT Learning Programme to keep up to date with the demands of the users;
  • Research and implement technology that allows learners to share and express their understanding. Specifically this could be through the use of social networking tools or through more advanced shared graphical simulation technologies (e.g. SecondLife), and our Modelling4All project (IIc);
  • Fund the development of new Media Lab for OUCS and refurbishment of existing teaching room. Target dates: 08-09. Estimated cost: £500k;
  • Integrate training for Macs into general courses and promote specific training;
  • Undertake an accessibility audit to ensure online training material is compliant. Target date: June 08;
  • Coordinate a range of awareness-raising activities relating to services and technologies to support e-learning. Target date: TT 08.

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