2. Vision, and summary of the department’s main objectives

This report sets OUCS’s objectives for 2009-2014. We present a review of our last five-year plan, then a section addressing core activities. Certain key objectives do stand out, however. Many of which depend on existing funding proposals under the emerging ICT Capital envelope, and the readjustment of the OUCS baseline for 09/10. These should also be read alongside the Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Office for the Director of IT (ODIT).

  • Securing sufficient baseline funding for OUCS services (as recognised by Services Funding Working Group.
  • Roll-out of new WebLearn to replace the existing WebLearn service (09/10).
  • Completion of the Groupware Project to the point at which it becomes an OUCS service (1/4/10).
  • Planning for the Groupware Programme, especially the roll-out of Sharepoint.
  • Roll-out of a University-wide wireless service – to provide seamless wireless access in key public areas across the University (funding secured, work taking place over 09/10).
  • Building of the new Central Machine Room and refurbishment of the existing OUCS machine room to remove single points of failure (10/11).
  • Increasing resilience of the network.
  • Refurbishment of office and teaching facilities within OUCS, notably creation of an Apple Teaching Centre (sponsored by Apple) (09/10).
  • Enactment of Energy Management Policy and looking at Wake-on-LAN service.
  • Development of new teaching and outreach facilities – Podcasting (iTunes U) and Video-conferencing.
In addition each of our groups have set forth an ambitious plan of improving the services offered to users.

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