Appendix A: I. Proposed New Objectives, 2010-2015

ObjectiveStart / end dateMore details
Launch videoconferencing service. 2010 for 18 months. The bid has already been submitted. If successful a new service will be launched in 2010 which will become self-funding as of August 2011. We are also running a trial of WebEx and funding may be sought to develop this in 2010/11.
Relocation of Bodleian MDX rooms. 2010. Costs to be covered by redevelopment budget. The movement of the MDX room requires moving all data and voice equipment. Expected to complete by August 2010.
Launch student internship scheme. 2010. Provide opportunities for Oxford students to take 2 month placements with OUCS to work on specific IT projects.
Develop an MIT Kerberos and LDAP authentication/authorisation mechanism for the podcasting service. 2010. Provide better access for the growing podcasting service.
Nexus upgrade – Exchange 2010. Aug 2010 to Jan 2011. Six month project.
Nexus upgrade – SharePoint 2010. Feb 2011 to May 2011 3-6 month project.
Investigate residential networks. 2010 Look at possibility of running a residential network for colleges.
Investigation of network monitoring. 2010 Begin to consider options for improving network monitoring capabilities in light of increased size and demand.
Provide a Service Payment Centre outside the On-line Shop Underway. End date - July 2010. Provide direct access to online payment for OUCS services
Improve hardware repair and maintenance service Ongoing Promote and expand Apple repair centre, and work with Equinox to provide a more comprehensive general onsite repair and maintenance; investigate and implement provision of loan machines; provide support for self-service software repair.
Explain, promote, and support good practice in web site management for the University. Ongoing Organize termly technical meetings for web managers, promote open standards, and expand the Web Design Consultancy by supporting one or two standard CMS programs.
Provide an Oxford-specific Linux customization based on the Ubuntu operating system. 2010-Dec 2010 Integrate authentication with Active Directory into local Ubuntu customization and promote secure package.
Support search engine for university web sites 2010- Dec 2010 Investigate and implement use of GSA with Microsoft Sharepoint to index secure content, and implement indexing of, and secure access to, restricted access web sites across the University.
Software development support for university research projects 2010 Establish development team to support university and external projects, particularly in creation of web-based systems.
Enhance OUCS Data Centre Management 2010/11 Develop, in consultation with system administrators, appropriate policies relating to the allocation of space and power to racks, and to ensure secure access to the data centre.
Develop a Core User Directory service 2010-2011 The bid to the PICT proposes a service offering data harvesting and reconciliation; unique identifiers for person records; and a range of data provider interfaces.
Review and upgrade of OUCS Registration Database 2010-2011 The OUCS Registration database is a source of authoritative data underpinning OUCS services but also for use by other University and local services (especially as the source for email address and SSO username data). The review of the Registration Database should be undertaken in conjunction with the implementation of a CUD service, on the one hand, and the continued improvements to the University's access management services provided by OUCS.
Refurbishment of OUCS data centre 2010/11-2012/13 Priorities for refurbishment are: a) replace air conditioning system; b) replace suspended ceiling; c) re-balance the power phasing; d) review UPS requirements; e) install energy efficient lighting.
Provision of federated storage infrastructure for the management of research data (pilot) 2010/11-2012/13 Pilot service that provides an underlying, federated storage infrastructure for the support for (primarily) research data management services. It is important that the infrastructure integrates with a) local filestore provision; b) the OUCS HFS service; and, where applicable, other services such as the OULS repository service. A small amount of effort is required to follow-up and further refine requirements identified by externally-funded projects. For the pilot it is proposed to i) re-deploy the server and storage infrastructure currently hosting the Herald email system; b) develop a cost-recovery plan that allows for both the end-of-life replacement of the existing system and the ability to meet future capacity.
Assess demand for a version controlled repository for software code 2010-11 Undertake user consultation to establish demand and requirements for a central source code repository. The implications of offering this on a cost-recovery basis should be evaluated.
Development of an actionable service catalogue for OUCS 2010-11 Rationalise the OUCS service listings so that a single "service catalogue" is readily discoverable and accessible to users (2010/11); Provide a mechanism for service providers to publish a list of associated service requests, tied to a self-service request fulfilment mechanism (2011/12) – this could initially just collect details and create a work ticket for the service team, but should be extensible to offer fully automated request fulfilment.
Deploy a group management service as part of the suite of OUCS access management services available to the collegiate University 2010-11 OUCS is developing a groups management service (09/10), beginning with a read-only service, in order to support the Weblearn Sakai project, the groupware deployment, and other services provided by the wider University. Subsequent phases include a full service for the management of ad hoc groups.
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – Replacement of Tape Library and dual site resilience (feasibility) Start: 2010/11 for two years. The existing Automatic Tape Library is obsolete (13 years old) and needs replacing if maintenance is to be assured and future projected capacity met. The replacement of the tape library should be considered together with the possibility of providing dual site backup/archive servers (within the new data centre) in order to mitigate the risks associated with having a single HFS installation in the OUCS data centre. Since the replacement of the existing tape library and any second site installation is a significant project, it is proposed to undertake a requirements and feasibility study.
Provision of Web publishing services 2010-11. The Web Publishing Service (also known as provides basic website facilities for users. However, the service has not fundamentally changed for over ten years. During 09/10 we will undertake a user consultation; and during 10/11 develop implementation project for an enhanced service that supports an online, public presence (consistent with other online collaboration services). Student clubs and societies; and department websites are likely to be early beneficiaries of an enhanced web publishing service.
Provision of a mailing list service 2010-11 Undertake user requirements analysis; identify and implement software meeting functional requirements to replace Ezmlm; migrate lists and archives.
CMR - provision of high level resilience 2010-2012 Deployment of infrastructure necessary to support dual site locations for business-critical services with advent of new CMR.
Integration of WebLearn and Nexus and Development of Assessment and Feedback tools 2010-2012 Bringing together key points of integration between WebLearn and Nexus and develop tools to match growing demands from student services in areas of assessment and feedback.
This is an ongoing process in response to new technologies and increasing demands from academic staff for new tools to enhance teaching and meet student expectations and use of mobile technologies.
Research and implement technology in response to user needs that provides teachers and learners with assessment and evaluation technologies that increases the quality and ease by which questions can be authored and marked. Work will also concentrate on integrating WebLearn and Turnitin with student administrative systems as an online submissions system for summative assessment.
Expansion of WebLearn storage capacity, and consideration of storage of open educational resources. 2010-2011 Demand for WebLearn has increased considerably after the launch of the new service, and is also linked to the growing interest in the use of video and audio in teaching. This necessitates an expansion of the storage and backup of the system
We are also exploring how educational content created can be re-used as resources to bring benefits to learning and teaching, and the student experience at Oxford.
Replace Backbone Network 2011 to 2013 The University network backbone will need replacing in 2012, as some of the present hardware becomes unsupported then. Consultation and planning for this will begin in 2011.
Completion of Central Machine Room and initial high availability infrastructure 2011/2 – 2012/13 Soft fit-out of the new Shared Data Centre, including networking, racks and initial server infrastructure for high availability.
Nexus capacity planning Aug 2012 Anticipated additional storage (e.g. depending on rate of growth of SharePoint)

II. Items Requiring over £50k expenditure

The following items are drawn from the above list of objectives. In certain areas these have been aggregated together to match presentations in the ICT Capital Envelope.

Title Cost Start and Duration (in chronological order)
Launch Videoconferencing Service £60k January 2010 for 18 months (then self-funding).
Nexus upgrade – Exchange 2010 £97K Aug 2010 to Jan 2011
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – Tape Drives Upgrade £288K Start: Aug 2010
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – Replace p5-570 server (end of life) £200K Start: Aug 2010
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – Upgrade to TSM 6.1 £60K Start: Aug 2010
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – undergraduate backup £200K Start: Aug 2010 (client development) with service deployment in 2011/12 (together with extra storage infrastructure)
Develop Mobile Oxford platform £200k 2010 for two years.
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – Replacement of Tape Library and dual site resilience (feasibility) £150K Start: 2010/11 for two years.
Registration database upgrade £50K Start: 2010/11 for six months
Core User Directory £132K Start: 2010 for 18 months
Videoconferencing II: WebEx support. £100k 2010 for two years.
Network improvements £225K 2010-2012.
Integration of WebLearn and Nexus & Development of Assessment and Feedback Tools £200K 2010-2012.
OUCS MR Refurbishment £868K Expected to start in 2010/11 over two years
CMR – completion £782K Expected to start in 2011/12 over two years.
CMR – provision of high availability for resilience. £400K Expected to start in 2011/12 over two years.
Provision of federated storage infrastructure for the management of research data (pilot) £100K (including HFS integration) Expected to start 2010/11 for 1 year.
Nexus upgrade – SharePoint 2010 £60K Feb 2011 to May 2011
Managing Capacity for backup and Archiving services – 'home' backups for desktop backups £70K Start: Aug 2011
Replace Backbone Network £2.5-3m 2011 to 2013
Nexus capacity planning £700K Aug 2012

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