2. Vision, and summary of the department’s main objectives

This report sets OUCS’s objectives for 2009/10-2013/14. We begin with a short review of our last five-year plan, and then proceed to discussing the key challenges and issues facing the department, especially arising from the financial forecasting exercise.

Considering the future some key objectives do stand out. Many of these depend on funding proposals under the ICT Capital envelope or elsewhere (e.g. the Estates budget). In the absence of these we would look to funds from external sources (e.g. JISC) but these are becoming increasingly difficult to secure especially for localised infrastructure developments.

The following objectives should also be read alongside the Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Office for the Director of IT (ODIT).

  • Planning for the backbone replacement exercise which will need to begin in 2011.
  • Preparing the network for future demands by increasing JANET connections and moving to IPv6.
  • Running, and developing the new Nexus service.
  • Completion of the University wireless roll-out and network resilience projects.
  • Development of the Core User Directory Service.
  • Integrating key services (e.g. our Access management services, WebLearn, and Nexus) to provide a seamless experience for users, and development of our access services.
  • Building of the new Central Machine Room and refurbishment of the existing OUCS machine room to remove single points of failure.
  • Further developing and promoting services and policies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across the University (e.g. WOL service, Video conferencing).
  • Moving to the 123 charging model in 2010.

These are all against the background of maintaining our core services in a cost effective manner (see Challenges below).

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