Items Requiring over £50k expenditure

The following items are drawn from the above list of objectives. Those in bold and underlined are already on the ICT Capital Envelope road map ( Those in italics will hopefully be funded from other sources (in part at least). The others are suggested and would be presented as a proposal in due course for divisional approval before submitting to PICT.

TitleCost (£k)Start and Duration (in chronological order)
Core User Directory Implementation Implement the Core User Director Service ( 132 2010 for 18 months
Development of Feedback and Assessment Tools (WebLearn) See 100 2010-2012.
Managing capacity for backup and archiving: infrastructure upgrade, phase 2 Upgrade to the tape drives (contained within carried forward). 375 2011 for 6 months
Shared Data Centre – completion Funded from OUED budget as part of soft-fit out. 782 2011-2012
Podcasting Infrastructure See 100 2011-2012
Dual Site Resilience in Shared Data Centre See 400 2011-2012
Enhancing OUCS Web Publishing Services Depends on current survey of user needs, as to whether OUCS should be bidding to run a central CMS for the collegiate University. This will be a collaborative project looking at free/central provision and NSMS paid-for services. 50 2011-2012
Full disk encryption service Depends on outcome of Information Security Best Practice initiative. 50 2011-2012
Review and Upgrade of OUCS Registration database This is a definitive source of information for many departments, and needs to be reviewed and improved. This will depend though on work in terms of progressing CUD. 50 2011-2012
Managing capacity for backup and archiving: 'clientless' backup, phase 3 Feasibility of offering a restricted, quota-based, clientless backup service for undergraduates and others; together with development project if validated (<>). 270 2011/12 for 18 months
Network improvements: Backup JANET link and IPv6 See 2011-2012
Federated Storage Infrastructure and Research Data Management Service Feasibility/pilot for supporting federated storage for research, etc ( and also Service2010.pdf). This will very much depend though on whether some/all of this work can be funded from the external grant under the University Modernisation Fund. Should that be the case this funding would not be needed. 200 2011/12 for one year
Replace Backbone Network Feasibility study funded which will run in 2011. Upgrade to start asap, funded from without the ICT Envelope. £2.5-3m 2011 to 2013
Nexus Exchange and SharePoint Upgrade: Phase II Meeting capacity and replacement of end of life hardware for both Exchange and SharePoint. The amount specified includes a) meeting capacity, currently 900GB per month (£150K, 2011/12; further £150K 2014/15, including data backup); b) replacing hardware (£500K, 2012/13). The amounts required partly depend on whether fundamental changes are made to the Nexus storage architecture with the upgrade to Exchange 2010. 600-800 2011/12 - 2014/15
Mobile Oxford, phase II Depending on results from Mobile Oxford Phase I, will further develop services for mobile devices – especially key student services. 100 2012
Managing capacity for backup and archiving, phase 4 Replacement for tape robot (solution to be decided on basis of feasibility studies in Federated Storage and Research Data Management Service projects) 550 2012/13 for one year
OUCS Data Centre refurbishment Refurbishment of OUCS data centre (actual budget dependent on feasibility study). It is suggested a) this could result in a phased series of options (e.g. replace AC units first); b) some funding will come from Estates. 800 2012/13 for 18 months
WebLearn: ‘hybrid’ Sakai2/3 Project to deliver new version of WebLearn (Sakai 3). 100 2013-2014.
Shared infrastructure services (Capacity planning) Projected capacity planning and end-of-life hardware replacement for shared infrastructure services 500 2014/15 for 9 months

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