ACDT Projects

In October 2001 a call for project proposals was issued by the ACDT. This was the first time such a call was open to all subject areas. A considerable amount of work went into advertising the call to as many departments as possible, and meeting with potential project managers. In addition, a special call was issued to the Medical Sciences Division to tie in with their developing IT in Teaching and Learning Strategy. The results were as follows:1

DivisionExpressions of InterestFull Proposals
Humanities 10 6
LES 7 2
Medical Sciences 8 3
MPS 7 3
Social Sciences 1 1
Academic Services/Cont. Ed 5 1
TOTAL 38 16

All the projects were then studied and assessed by the ACDT's Project Selection Panel. The results of this were as follows.

Please note that all project proposals that were not accepted in this round have been offered the chance to meet to discuss resubmitting or to get the LTG's assistance in pursuing funding opportunities or directed elsewhere.

Humanities — two projects were accepted for development either by the ACDT or other staff members in the LTG.

LES — one project was accepted for development.

Medical Sciences — two projects were accepted for development either by the ACDT or other staff members in the LTG. In addition the ACDT is already undertaking development of an image database for Anatomy.

MPS — one project was accepted, and a second one is possible after some discussion depending upon the scope of the project.

Social Sciences — the one project submitted was accepted.

Academic Services — the one project submitted was non-academic and therefore was not accepted.

In addition to the above projects, the ACDT is still committed (from previous calls) to developing and completing six projects during 2002.

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At the expressions of interest stage the ACDT Project Manager spoke with all potential project nominators. Some of these stated that they did not have enough time to meet the December deadline but would be very interested in submitting their project for the future May call.