5. Administration Group

The Administration Group includes the Finance and Accounts, Personnel, and Buildings Management offices. Much of the work of the Administration Group is to provide support for the operating groups in carrying out their jobs. There have been some important changes throughout the year which will continue to impact on the way we operate in the future.

5.1. Finance and Accounts

2004 saw the successful introduction of the University's new financial system, OSIRIS, which the Finance staff managed almost seamlessly to the extent that we, as a whole, were not unduly affected adversely by the change. It is planned to provide wider training to managers to enable them to access relevant financial information, which is becoming increasingly important as the University moves towards a full economic costing model.

5.2. Buildings

Major projects this year included the refurbishment of the office which is now used by the VLE Project. This was made particularly difficult by local environmental planning considerations which had to be complied with because of the new window construction. This year also saw the completion of a secure Forensics Laboratory for use by the Security Group. Due to space constraints, serious consideration will be given to plans to develop our flat roof space at the rear of the building with a view to increasing the amount of available office space.

Ongoing buildings maintenance included the re-decoration of offices as well as improved security measures, such as the fitting of additional cameras and i-button locks.

5.3. Personnel

Recruitment continues to figure highly in the day to day work of the Group with 13 new posts being recruited this year. Our full time equivalent (FTE) staffing commenced the year at 115 and now stands at 122.

Training and staff development continued to feature highly in our activities and we are pleased to be working closely with the IAUL in introducing the Certificate in First Line Management to the first group of our Managers.

We are currently working with the University’s Personnel Services on developing new job descriptions for IT jobs within the University as part of the introduction of HERA – Higher Education Role Analysis. HERA will involve similar jobs throughout the University being graded in the same way and is aimed to simplify the grading structure by reference to “standard” duties.

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