Table 4: Software Licences Available (as at 31-Jul-96)
1) Centrally Funded Site Licences:
Novell Netware
Maestro TCP/IP NFS
Simeon email
Vista eXceed X-windows for PCS
SofTrack Licence Metering SoftwareNAG FORTRAN, Graphics and Online (Help) System
Uniras graphics
Sophos (virus protection - donated by Sophos)
F-Prot for DOS & Windows (virus protection)
Scientific Word for Windows
WordCruncher text analysis
SAS for DOS, Windows and Mac
SPSS for DOS, Windows and Mac
Minitab for networks.
2) Bulk Purchase Deals:
Wordperfect for DOS, Windows, Mac
Microsoft Select for DOS, Windows and Mac (all products, with the most popular including Word, Excel, Access, Office, Powerpoint)
PageMaker and Photoshop for Windows and Mac
Harvard Graphics for Windows
Minitab for DOS, Windows and Mac