OUCS Annual Report 1996/7

The OUCS Annual Report for 1996/7 (Aug-96 to Jul-97) has not yet been completed. However, the following charts give some indication of the levels of activity and of the range of services OUCS provides.

1. Network

Janet Traffic Into Oxford (daily average and maximum, by month)
Janet Traffic Out of Oxford (daily average and maximum, by month)
Janet Traffic In/Out of Oxford (daily average, by month)

Backbone Network Ethernets Connected
Backbone Network Computers Connected
Backbone Network Traffic (daily average and maximum, by month)

Dial-in Calls (by 4-week period)

2. Network Servers

HFS Backup Nodes Registered
HFS Backup Traffic (backed-up and restored)
HFS ftp Traffic (stored and retrieved)
HFS Data Stored
HFS Archive Projects

Email Numbers of Messages (inwards and outwards from Oxford)
Email Source Countries/Domains
Email Destination Countries/Domains

News Items Received per Day

3. Central Computer Systems

Numbers of Interactive Sessions per Day

4. MicroComputing

Shop Sales

Software Licences Issued

PC Upgrades

5. Information and Help

Help Calls by Method of Calling

Training Student-Hours
Training Courses Types Mounted

Registrations for Service

Offset Printing

T Alex Reid
OUCS Director