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OUCS Annual Report

Appendix A5: Additional Graphs and Information

The following charts provide the raw data for the OUCS Annual Report for 1998/9 (Aug-98 to Jul-99). Charts marked with an '*' were part of the original draft made available on-line but not part of the final printed version.

1. Network

Janet Traffic Into Oxford (daily average and maximum, by month)
Janet Traffic Out of Oxford (daily average and maximum, by month)
Janet Traffic In/Out of Oxford* (daily average, by month)
Janet Traffic In/Out Ratio* (daily average, by month)
Sample Hourly Utilisation of Janet Incoming Bandwidth
Sample Hourly Utilisation of Janet Outgoing Bandwidth*
US Traffic In & Out Gbytes/month
US Traffic Percent of UK Total
US Traffic Web Percentage
US Traffic Projections to Dec-2000*
US Traffic Total UK*
US Traffic Comparative % for Several Universities
US Traffic Comparative % Peak vs Off-Peak for Several Universities*
Number of Hosts Requesting Pages from Web Cache
Number of Pages Requested from Web Cache
Volume of Web Pages Delivered Through Web Cache
Hit Rate of Web Cache by Data Volume
Backbone Network Ethernets Connected
Backbone Network Computers Connected
Backbone Network Traffic (daily average and maximum, by month)
Backbone Utilisation (sample day)
Backbone Geographic Map
Backbone Logical Schematic
Dial-up Calls (by 4-week period)*
Dial-up average calls
Dial-up Lines Installed
Dial-up users registered/active

2. Network Servers

Email Numbers of Messages (through OUCS Email Relay)
Email Volume of Messages (MByte)
Email Average Size of Messages*
Email Speed of Delivering Messages
Email Source Countries/Domains*
Email Destination Countries/Domains*
News Items Received per Day
News items posted in Oxford*
News items read in Oxford
News Reading Sessions/Connections in Oxford
General News Statistics*
Web Activity on Central Server
Distribution of Web Space on Central Server*
HFS Backup Nodes Registered
HFS Backup Traffic (backed-up and restored)
HFS ftp Traffic (stored and retrieved)*
HFS Data Stored
HFS Files Stored
HFS Archive Projects
HFS Performance Statistics

3. Central Computer Systems

Numbers of Interactive Sessions
Numbers of Processes vs Sessions*
Numbers of Processes by Month
Ermine Performance Statistics*
Sable Performance Statistics*
HFS Archive Projects*

4. MicroComputing

Virus Reports
Micro Upgrades and Repairs Undertaken In-House by OUCS
Micro Maintenance Registrations
Micro Maint Registrations by Type of Item Registered*
Micro Maint Registrations by Type of Customer
Micro Maint Repair Calls
Media Copied
Shop Sales (£)
Shop Sales (£) by Type of Item Sold*
Shop Transactions (£)*
Shop Transactions by Type of Item Sold
Software Licences Issued

5. Information and Help

Help Calls by Method of Calling
Help Calls by Month
Help Calls by Status of Caller
Help Calls by Affiliation of Caller
Registrations for Service
IT Training Course Student-Hours
IT Training Courses Types Mounted
IT Training Course Bookings by Type of Course
IT Training Course Attendance by Attendee Status
LaRC Registrations
T Alex Reid, OUCS Director
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