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8. Other Services

8.1 Offset Printing

OUCS continues to operate a high-quality offset printing service. This is used for all in-house printed publications, and is also used on a cost-recovery basis by a variety of University and related bodies.

8.2 Data Centres

The Data Centre at 17 Banbury Road is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to enable those without ready access elsewhere to use computers connected to the University network. It has had only minor changes in hardware over the year. It still contains "dumb" terminals, X terminals, printers and plotters. There has been an increase in usage of the Centre during the early hours of the morning, mainly by undergraduates. Security has been the main worry and a security camera has been introduced, though there have been no incidents.

8.3 National Services

OUCS acts as an information point for the various national supercomputing and data repository services. For access to some of these, authorisation is required from the Director of OUCS; there have been a few of these during the year.


OUCS provides office accommodation and administrative support to the CTI Support Service (CTISS). These are useful links, of which little has been made in the past. However, the increasing interest and developments in the use of computers in teaching, at Oxford and nationally (eg through OxTALENT and the national Teaching & Learning Technology Programme), has induced OUCS to provide more support for the use of IT in teaching throughout the University (see section 6.6).

8.5 UCISA Administration

OUCS (through CTISS) successfully bid for providing the central administrative office for the national Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), which represents the IT service sector within most of the HEIs within the UK. This link with other universities' IT units and national initiatives will be valuable for Oxford. This activity is self-financing.

8.6 Participation in Other National and Local Initiatives

In addition to all the services directed towards end-users of IT facilities, a number of OUCS staff are committed to the support of various local and national committees and organisations, in furtherance of the broader goals of use of IT within the University. Locally, these activities include participation in and support of the work of committees such as the IT Committee and its General Purposes Committee, and several of its Groups, including the Technical Review Group, Network Advisory Group, IT Security & Privacy Group, UNIS Steering Group, Committee for Computing in the Arts, the IT Training & Education Group, the OxTALENT Action Group, the IT-Related Legal Issues Working Party, and Computer Archiving Group, as well as the University IT Users' Group and the Colleges' IT Group. Other bodies in which OUCS staff participate include the Libraries Committee's Sub-Committee on Library Automation, Sub-Committee for Staff Development & Training, and Datasets Working Party, the Telecommunications Committee, the Administrative Information Services Committee, the University Card Working Party; the Risk Management Group, the Heads of Science Committee, the Staff Committee, the Research and Equipment Committee, and the Security Committee's Technical Working Group. In addition, some staff are involved in various Departmental, Faculty and College committees, and some HCU staff are members of humanities faculty boards.

Nationally, OUCS staff are involved in various JISC Groups associated with Janet; the Research Universities' Group for IT (RUGIT); NAG Ltd; the South-East Region Computer Users' Committee (SERCUC); the Executive of the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), and the following of UCISA's sub-groups: the Staff Development Group and the Annual Management Conference Organising Committee (chaired by the OUCS Director); the JNT Association (which runs Janet); and, the UKOLN Advisory Council. Staff are also involved in the steering or advisory groups for various national projects, like CEDARS (CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives), and Netskills, and also have organised and run national courses for UCISA-SDG on Communicating with Users, and Train the Trainers.

Internationally, OUCS staff are involved in the Executive of EUNIS (European Universities Information Systems association), the UNESCO Upgrading Science & Engineering Education in the Southern Mediterranean Project, and on the Steering Committee for FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).

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