Appendix A1: Committees and Reporting Lines

OUCS is governed by the IT (now ICT) Committee, and also receives guidance and advice from a number of other committees, as depicted below.

  1. The IT Users' Group and the Colleges' IT Group each consist of up to 2 representatives of each department, faculty and unit within the University, and of each College, respectively. They are general fora for IT users to provide feedback to the principal central IT service providers, including OUCS. They also represent University and College users' views to the IT Committee.
  2. The Technical Review Group is a `think tank' advising OUCS on general technical issues and developments, but attempts to have it conduct its business electronically have not been particularly successful.
  3. The Network Advisory Group advises OUCS on all technical networking matters.
  4. The Committee for Computing in the Arts has responsibility for the oversight of the Oxford work of the Humanities Computing Unit.
  5. The Training & Education Group has general oversight of the IT training activities within OUCS.
  6. The Software Site-Licence Group has responsibility for the oversight of the expenditure of the central fund for software licences, administered by OUCS.
  7. The IT Support Staff Group is primarily concerned with IT staff University-wide, and advises OUCS on a range of IT Support Staff issues.
  8. The OxTALENT Action Group is primarily concerned with overseeing the affairs of OxTALENT, and advises OUCS on deployment of its support officer.

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