Appendix A4: Main Equipment Installed as at 31-Jul-00

1. Central Computing Equipment:

Ermine: Digital Alpha A2100 5/250, 4 CPUs, 1Gbyte memory, 51Gbyte disk space; running Digital Unix.

Sable: Digital Alpha A2100 5/300, 2 CPUs, 1Gbyte memory, 45Gbyte disk space; running Digital Unix.

HFS: IBM RS/6000 M80 with 4 CPUs, 4Gbyte memory, 870Gbyte disks; IBM RS/6000 H70, 4 CPUs, 2GB memory, 450Gbyte RAID disks; 2@IBM RS/6000 R30, each with 4 CPUs, 512Mbyte memory, sharing 300GByte disk space; IBM model 3494 robotic tape library with 10@ 3590 tape drives, 20TByte capacity; all running AIX.

Herald: 14 Pentium PCs running Linux, 700GB RAID disks.

2. Network Equipment:

News: Sun Ultra5 server 54 GB.

WWW: 3 Pentium-based PCs, running Linux.

Web Proxy Cache: 7 Sun Ultra10.

Mail: 2 Sun SparcServer10, Ultra2/170, Ultra2/2300.

Backbone: The Gigabit Ethernet has 2 Cisco C6509 Layer2 switches and 10 Cisco C6506 layer3 switches, located at OUCS and in telecommunications rooms throughout the city; about half of the 180+ departmental and college sub-networks are supported at 100Base-FX by this network (as at 31-Jul-00); the balance are still supported by the FDDI network at 10Base-FL. The FDDI Backbone (which is being phased out) had 22 3Com NetbuilderII routers located in the telecommunications rooms; the OUCS Computer Room had 3 3Com FDDI switches.

Network Management: Sun Sparcserver10.

Novell Servers: 6 Pentium & 2 486 PCs.

Dial-up: 2@ Ascend Max 6000 & 1 Ascend 4000, with 160 lines (ISDN or dial-in), and 1 Pentium PC running Linux.

Miscellaneous Network and Development Functions: IBM RS/6000 C20.

Registration: Sun Ultra5, Ultra10, 1 Pentium PC running Linux.

3. Special Peripheral Equipment:

Imagesetter: Monotype Prism PS Plus Postscript imagesetter with up to 2400dpi resolution & RIPExpress external RIP.

Colour Laser Printer: Canon CLC 950 400dpi Postscript printer/photocopier with Diamond Press RIP, output to A3 or A4 paper, or A4 transparencies.

Plotter: HP DesignJet 755CM A0/A1 Colour Postscript Printer/Plotter.

4. Client Facilities:

Data Centre, 15 Banbury Road: 1 X-terminal, 1 HP Laserjet5 printer, 21 486-based thin-client PCs.

Learning and Resource Centre (LaRC): 38 Pentium PCs, 11 PowerMacs, 2 G3 Macs, 4 colour scanners, 3 laser printers, 1 colour ink-jet printer, 3 486 PCs for control purposes, 1 Pentium PC for registration purposes.

Humanities Computing Centre: 9 Pentium PCs, 3 Macs, 1 laser printer, 3 colour scanners, 1 VHS video recorder, 1 miniDV/SVHS video recorder, 1 VHS camcorder, 1 miniDV camcorder. 1 audio tape recorder.

Teaching Rooms:

LRA: 40 Pentium 450MHz PCs, 1 PowerMac 7200, 1 laser printer, 1 VCR, 1 overhead projector, 1 35mm slide projector, 1 data/video projector.

LRB: 15 Pentium 200MHz PCs, 1 PowerMac 7200, 1 laser printer, 1 overhead projector, 1 portable data/video projector.

LRC: 15 Pentium 233MHz PCs, 1 PowerMac 7200, 1 laser printer, 1 VCR, 1 overhead projector, 1 data/video projector.

User Areas: 10 486 thin-client PCs, 6 Pentium PCs, 3 PowerMacs, 2 laser printers (the 6 Pentium PCs, 3 PowerMacs, 1 printer and 1 486 PC are reserved for OUCS use 10am-4pm).

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