1. Oxford University Computing Services Annual Report

Information Technology (IT) has changed enormously over the last few decades and now forms the backbone to how the University functions across all its divisions. IT facilitates communication both internally across divisions, departments and groups, and externally to partners across the globe. It is an integral part of all our teaching, learning and research work, most of which could not function without it. The development of IT over the decades at Oxford and the new services it has provided, are clearly evident in our annual reports.

OUCS itself has undergone radical change over time as the service developed. Originally starting out as a research laboratory, we have since developed into the main IT service department for the University, providing an increasing range of innovative services in the process.

In this section you will find the latest annual report both as standard web pages and eReader formats such as Kindle and ePub.

OUCS maintains its annual reports for a maximum period of six years before archiving.

OUCS Annual Report 2011-2012

  • 2011-2012 - Final report for OUCS before the IT Services merger of August 2012.

Recent OUCS Annual Reports

The following older annual reports are now archived here for historical reasons.

Archived Annual Reports of the Computing Services

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