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Redevelopment of OUCS Help Centre, Summer 2007


1. OUCS Help Centre Re-development Summer 2007

The Help Centre has undergone many changes in it's time. Computer hardware, software and facilities are regularly updated to keep up with the new versions, the latest anti-virus protection and developing needs of its users. The room itself has also expanded, taking in what were store rooms or specialist advisory workshops. This latest phase was to incorporate the Computing Services Shop into the same area and join it with Job Reception. This improves the service to users as they no longer have to go to the shop to pay for printing, then to the reception window to collect it. All transactions will be in one place. The shop will also be easier to find!

For OUCS, the improvements allow more natural light into the Help Centre and Computer room, greater security for the Computer Room and free up the old shop for staff offices.

These photos show the redevelopment work in progress.

1.1. Looking towards the Job Reception window

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/oucs2980term.jpg [Terminals for the 2980 in "Advisory", late 1970s]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/helpcentre1.jpg [Thin screens and different benching. 2007 before refurbishement ]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc3-jul07.jpg [July 2007. All furniture cleared out]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc3-aug07.jpg [August 2007, ceiling down, walls removed. The Job reception window has disappeared]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc4-sept07.jpg [September 2007. The workmen are very pleased with their progress! The ceiling is back up and new lighting installed. The new shop counter takes shape. The Job reception window has been replaced by a door to the Computer Room.]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/helpdesk-sept07.jpg [September 2007. The shop counter is complete and the new help desk is in place. Comfortable chairs and sofas form part of the waiting and working area.]

1.2. Looking towards the doors to the lecture rooms and/or staff corridor

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/oucsuserarea.jpg [Around 2000, before the previous expansion]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc4-jul07.jpg [July 2007. All furniture cleared out]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc1-sept07.jpg [September 2007. New ceiling, paint and lights but no carpet]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/island-tables3-sept07.jpg [September 2007. New island tables and computers and standing desks for quick access]

1.3. The ramp and steps from Reception

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc2-jul07.jpg [As it was]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc5-aug07.jpg [Work starts to round off the steps and the wall has gone]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc2-sept07.jpg [The ramp and step from Reception - it's curved!]

1.4. Meanwhile, Help Centre services continue as normal ...

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc1-aug07.jpg [in lecture rooms ]

Figure building-photos/helpcentre-07/hc5-sept07.jpg [or in user areas ]