10. Conclusions

The research strategy is based on the five key considerations detailed in the introduction, which provide a context for further development. The document subsequently details the relevance of each of these considerations in detail and from this; it is argued that there should be three key themes: ubiquitous computing, new technologies and user requirements. There are also five associated key activities (Recommendation 4). There is a need to set priorities for research and this has been done by limiting the themes and key activities. In prioritising them (themes and activities), the external funding potential and staff expertise have been taken into consideration. The key themes and activities should be targeted for research across the whole of OUCS.

The research focus should be on areas that have mutual and significant benefit for OUCS, be user centred and mirror the key areas of OUCS’s work. Another important consideration is the development from project to service, and the decision process for doing this, with workflows and processes (Recommendations 5 and 10). The key themes span across OUCS, however it is envisaged that groups within OUCS will take the lead on the key activities.

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