11. Recommendations

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Research priorities should be set for at least three years, but with annual reviews.
  2. Technical and research expertise within OUCS should be collated and gaps highlighted, with training for staff and targeted recruitment of new staff for specific projects – into a skills profile.
  3. A database of research bids with ongoing, successful and unsuccessful bids, with their accompanying documentation should be available. This must also include ongoing development projects currently underway in OUCS that may not have external funding attached to them.
  4. Any proposed new project will be assessed against the key themes and activities noted above.
  5. All projects should follow the Project Lifecycle outlined by the Project Support Team, but must also adhere to the requirements set out by external bodies as appropriate.
  6. The collection of user feedback should be a high priority as this will drive the future direction of the research strategy.
  7. A list of consultants should be developed with specific skills needs developing, and external contacts for knowledge transfer and industrial partners. This consultant list should also be open to ITSS who may have specific skills, be looking for secondments, or be willing to sit on project boards.
  8. The links between, and overlaps across, the research service provision by the entire University need to be detailed.
  9. The sustainability of projects, provision, support and movement into services is a key concern. This has partly been addressed by the new Project lifecycle now available which forces new projects to consider exit strategies. OSS Watch provides a service for Open Source development in these issues, particularly in sustainability. It is also noted that some research projects’ outputs are in areas such as knowledge of teaching and learning that can inform decisions about services or the design of new technologies, rather than leading to services themselves.
  10. A wider funding portfolio should be developed including industry funding.
  11. The policies on jointly working with other universities and protocols/service agreements need developing.

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