Title of service: Running Community Collections and Crowdsourcing

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services offered by Academic IT Services in May 2013

1. Introduction

The Education Enhancement Team in IT services offer support to the collegiate University in building and enhancing online collections through crowdsourcing and community engagement. Initial advisory meetings, follow-up correspondence, short presentations and steering group representation in support of University projects and initiatives are free of charge. Significant work thereafter is available on a consultancy basis subject to resource availability. We work closely with departments, divisions and colleges to ensure value for money in the services, tools and websites you provide.

We offer professional expertise in:

  • The Oxford Community Collection Model. Combining digital and face-to-face engagement with the general public to collect oral histories, intangible histories and tangible objects and bring them together into online collections;
  • Community engagement online, including the successful and strategic use of social media;
  • Digital technologies and strategies for crowdsourcing;
  • Enrichment of existing collections of digital resources using students, academic staff or the public;
  • Digital technologies for public engagement, knowledge exchange, outreach and pathways to impact.

In addition, we offer the following premium services:

  • Workshops and training in the Oxford Community Collection Model;
  • Workshops in using digital technologies for crowdsourcing;
  • Workshops to embed digital collections and user-generated content in teaching, learning and research;
  • Events such as hack-athons, edit-athons, and wiki-athons for any subject to add academic expertise to enrich an existing online resource such as Wikipedia;
  • Hands-on support at community collection events;
  • Strategies for online communication and engagement with your audiences;
  • Project management for crowdsourcing, community engagement and community collection around a wide range of academic arenas;
  • Consultancy.

2. Summary of responsibilities

2.1. Hours of Service

The service operates 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding University holidays. Service outside these times is negotiable.

Email queries sent to eet@it.ox.ac.uk will usually receive an initial response within five working days. An initial consultancy meeting will be offered free of charge. Requests for detailed advice or consultancy will be responded to on a reasonable efforts basis.

2.2. Overview of service

Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

2.3. Our approach

The Education Enhancement Team has a depth of experience in delivering crowdsourced projects, primarily using the Oxford Community Collection Model. Our work has been featured twice in the University Annual Review (2008 and 2012), and has received local, national and international press.

The measure of our success is the success of your projects and those of the University and we are able to work with you to implement frameworks for evaluating the impact of your work. The Education Enhancement Team want to advise in a way that works best for you, and we adopt a collaborative approach working with you. Pragmatic solutions are at the core of our approach, as are the needs of academia and the University. We are a team of accessible professionals who communicate effectively at all levels.

Where a project or activity is likely to make a contribution to knowledge beyond the University, we will work with the client to establish an appropriate dissemination route.

2.4. Charges

Initial advisory meetings and follow-up correspondence are free of charge. After this, any activities undertaken are charged as a premium service in line with IT services standard consultancy rates.

IT Services, through NSMS, offers a wide range of IT management services for digital projects which require from IT Services a level of IT support above the baseline service.

IT Services welcomes approaches to be a partner in projects led by other University bodies. The costing of IT Services participation in any such project must be agreed before any proposal is submitted to a funding body and will be undertaken in accordance with the University's policies on the costing and submission of research grant proposals.

Travel costs incurred for journeys outside Oxford will be charged to the client, as per the University’s standard regulations.

3. Summary of clients’ responsibilities

  • Work with the service team to produce a clear definition of requirements.
  • Agree and sign off agreed costings in advance of work being done.
  • Users of IT Services are expected to abide by the University IT Regulations and to comply with any relevant legislation;
  • Users of IT Services are requested to make contact for the purposes of obtaining advice and support at the earliest possible opportunity ahead of deadlines, in order to allow sufficient time for adequate response, planning of projects and funding applications;
  • Users of IT Services are requested to contact relevant local IT support, administrative, and research facilitation staff in their department, college or other unit, in order to ensure that local procedures are followed and that all stakeholders are informed. This may be necessary, for example, if you plan to make use of local IT resources in your unit as part of your research, or if you plan to make a research grant application;
  • Be willing to contribute case studies or examples to the Academic IT website where a project or activity yields evidence of good practice that is more widely applicable within the University;