Title: agent-based modeling service

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the ABM service as of November 2011.

1. Introduction

The agent-based modelling (ABM) service team sits within the Learning Technologies Group. It exists to assist academics make use of agent-based modelling in their teaching, research and outreach activities. We also aim to support learners directly using the online modelling4all project community tools.

2. Summary of responsibilities

  • Support teachers in developing and running courses where students gain hands-on experience of creating agent-based model(s). This typically involves designing and implementing an online guide for a taught session in a computer laboratory.
  • Offer free introductory and advanced ABM courses
  • Support graduate and post-doc projects when requested by an academic supervisor
  • Improve and maintain the modelling4all.org software (when resources are available)
  • Develop online learning materials e.g. video and text-based guides
  • Create case studies relating to using modelling in teaching and research
  • Provide advice to teachers, learners and researchers on using ABM
  • Follow academic research on the use of simulation tools in education
  • Publish papers on the role of ABM in teaching and learning
  • Write funding proposals and work packages for other projects

3. Summary of client's responsibilities

Work with the service team to clearly define requirements and provide regular input during the implementation phase.

4. Premium Services

We have experience in working with academics at Oxford to deliver the following services on a cost-recovery basis:

  • Build ABMs that support public outreach activities
  • Support the build of ABMs with research project teams
  • Offer bespoke ABM courses