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Title of Service: OUCS Antivirus Service

Status of Document: This document describes the service provision of the OUCS Antivirus Service as of May 2012.


1. Introduction

The main purpose of the Antivirus Service is to provide antivirus and related software, together with appropriate information, to members of the University and registered IT Support Staff (ITSS). It works in collaboration with various parties, particularly the Help Centre.

The Antivirus Service is managed by the ICT Support Team (ICTST) on behalf of OUCS.

2. Summary of ICTST/OUCS Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the service are as follows:—

All items in this section are provided free at the point of use.

Hours of Service

2.1 The Sophos Antivirus client software and related web pages are generally available for download or viewing as appropriate at all times. Other aspects of the service are normally available during working hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:00).

Serviceability Targets

2.2 The service aims to make regular monthly updates of Sophos clients that do not automatically update available for download by ITSS within five working days of Sophos making the software available. Sophos software that is updated infrequently will generally be made available for download within a month of the new version being released.

Resilience and Backup

2.3 Not applicable

Alternative Facilities

2.4 Some departments and colleges have their own arrangements for antivirus software.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

2.5 OUCS maintains a software agreement for Sophos Endpoint and Email Security suites. The current agreement runs to September 2013.

Systems Development

2.6 Not applicable

Administration and Support

2.7 Information on the Sophos client, and related security information, is provided at

2.8 Information for ITSS is provided at

2.9 The OUCS Helpcentre will advise and support users with Sophos Antivirus installation and configuration problems.


2.10 Major software updates and news items will be reported to registered ITSS via

2.11 Major software updates will be reported to all registered users via the Sophos users mailing list (registered users are automatically subscribed).

Fault Reporting

2.12 Problems downloading or unpacking software should be reported via the normal help channels (

Education and Training

2.13 Occasional seminars may be provided for registered ITSS.

3. Summary of Client’s responsibilities

3.1 Clients installing and using Sophos software must abide by the terms and conditions of the Sophos licence agreements; in particular, clients must uninstall all copies of Sophos software from personal systems if they leave the Collegiate University.

3.2 ITSS installing Sophos products on Collegiate University systems must register a count of all systems where Sophos is installed against an appropriate software card via email to

4. Premium Services

4.1 None.